When an otherwise normal day in her perfect life becomes a nightmare, Grace Bradford wakes from a coma with no memory of her past and a strange new ability . . . she can sing. With no choice other than trusting her family, who she can’t remember, Grace’s struggle to find herself begins. While waiting and longing to regain her memory, a stranger appears, stalking and insisting upon calling her by a name that isn’t hers. Forced to question everything from her family and even her own name, Grace must face her new reality while tormented by the thoughts and fears of her own family hiding the truth from her. But is it really everyone else hiding the truth from her, or is it Grace, herself, who’s keeping the secrets?

Forced to accept the possibility of her past remaining a mystery, Grace resolves to lean on a faith she doesn’t remember and begins rebuilding her life from scratch. But when her memory suddenly returns, the realization that the stranger isn’t a stranger at all demands she must finally face a past she once prayed to forget. Her family survived her amnesia, but can they survive the truth? Will God forgive the burden she’s carried for two decades, and most of all, can she forgive herself?